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Turbocharger Boost / MAP Sensor 5.9 fits 00-02 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L 4921505 / 5083365AD

SKU: $49.99
Cummins 4921505 MAP sensor for the '01-'02 Dodge Turbo Diesel truck with the 5.9L 24V engine. This sensor has an oval wiring harness connector PLEASE CLOSELY CHECK THE PICTURES AGAINST YOUR SENSOR AND CHECK THE CONNECTOR VIEW You'll find the MAP sensor located in the intake manifold next to cylinder #5. To replace it you simply unplug the wire running to it, unscrew it to remove it, screw the new sensor into the manifold and plug it back in. 02 trucks require DD1739 MAP Sensor Wiring Harness. IF YOU HAVE A 2002 AND NEED THIS ADAPTER PLEASE CHECK MY OTHER LISTINGS FOR THIS OR CONTACT US CUMMINS 4921505 MAP Sensor ('01-'02) 5083365AD / 5017791AA